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Thierry Jonquet

Thierry Jonquet (b. 1954, Paris) has sold soap, painted white lines on the road, taught juvenile delinquents and worked in geriatric hospitals as an occupational therapist. Jonquet is an exponent of the hardboiled style of French noir that is inflected by post-May 1968 politics and social critique. His main source of inspiration is the daily newspaper, a trove of anecdotal evidence of, in his words, "the barbarity of the world we live in." But his writing is not so much politically engagé as cathartic. Jonquet’s crime novels and children's books have garnered many literary prizes.

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City Lights Noir
Thierry Jonquet
Mygale [MIG-uh-lee] n.: a genus of large tropical spiders. . . . Richard Lafargue, a well-known plastic surgeon, pursues and captures Vincent Moreau, who raped Lafargue's daughter and left her hopelessly mad in an asylum. Lafargue is determined to...