Book Party for Thousand Times Broken
Wednesday, September 10th, 2014, 7:00pm, City Lights Bookstore, 261 Columbus Ave, San Francisco

Gillian Conoley discusses and reads from her new translation of three Henri Michaux works with a presentation of the original art displayed in the book. Guests to be announced.

Thousand Times Broken brings together three extraordinary, previously untranslated books in which Henri Michaux's art and poetry merge in ways never seen before, composing a journey in which we––with the great visionary Michaux as our guide––are invited to hover between reading and looking, between the ineffable and the known, between body and spirit into a realm where it is possible to perceive "what one otherwise doesn't perceive, what one hardly suspects at all."

"To record the ineffable is Michaux's paradoxical project in these stunning works from the mid- to late-50s. Central to his oeuvre, to his life-long effort to come to terms with faith, they radiate an uncommon immediacy and conviction. Conoley's excellent selection—combining drawings, asemic writings, poetry, and prose commentary—offers the variety of perspectives required to appreciate the true scope of his project, and her translation keeps the writing—with all its eclectic vocabulary and dressage pacing—vibrantly alive. This is an invaluable addition to Michaux's works in English, filling an important gap with a vivid, vibrant linguistic performance."—Cole Swensen

Books related to this event:

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Thousand Times Broken
Three Books
Henri Michaux
2014 Edition
Three never-before-translated-into-English works from the great visionary French artist & writer Henri Michaux during the period of his mescaline experimentation, with drawings by the author and surrealist painter Roberto Matta. Translated from the French by noted poet Gillian Conoley.