Subterranean SF: Harboiled Fiction with an Edge
Thursday, November 18, 2010, doors 7:00 P.M., performance 7:30 P.M., at an undisclosed location somewhere in San Francisco

Invites to this event are All gone. Venue has reached capacity.

The Subterranean SF reading series will be back next spring 2011. Look for evidence.

City Lights Books present                                            

An evening of literary pathology featuring two darkly inspired writers of crime fiction. Join them as they delve into the shadowy realms of mayhem and murder.

with Jim Nisbet & Sin Soracco

celebrate the release of their new books

A Moment Of Doubt (by Jim Nisbet)

Low Bite (by Sin Soracco)

both published by Green Arcade/PM Press

evening hosted by Peter Maravelis

This event shall take place at an undisclosed location. 21+ and over, please.

Admission is free, but only on a first come, first serve basis.

Seating is limited and by invitation only.

Invitiations become available on Monday, November 15, 2010.

Invitations may be picked up in-person at the front counter of City Lights Bookstore, 261 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA. Ask for the black envelope at the front counter. It will contain a map and navigation instructions.

No reservations shall be accepted.

Call City Lights to determine ticket availability (tel. 415-362-8193 x24)

About A Moment of Doubt:

A Moment of Doubt is at turns hilarious, thrilling and obscene. Jim Nisbet's novella is ripped from the zeitgeist of the 80s, and set in a sex-drenched San Francisco, where the computer becomes the protagonist's co-conspirator and both writer and machine seem to threaten the written word itself.

The City as whore provides a backdrop oozing with drugs, poets and danger. Nisbet has written a mad-cap meditation on the angst of a writer caught in a world where the rent is due, new technology offers up illicit ways to produce the latest bestseller, and the detective and other characters of the imagination might just sidle up to the bar and buy you a drink in real life. The world of A Moment of Doubt is the world of phone sex, bars and bordellos, AIDS and the lure of hacking. Coming up against the rules of the game--the detective genre itself, has never been such a nasty and gender defying challenge.

About Jim Nisbet:

San Francisco writer Jim Nisbet has published nine novels, including the acclaimed Lethal Injection. He has also published five volumes of poetry. His novel, Dark Companion, was shorted-listed for the 2006 Hammett Prize. His works have been published in French as well as English, along with a miscellany of additional translations into German, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Greek and, forthcoming, Russian and Romanian. 2010 could be named "The Year of Jim Nisbet" as, in addition to the publication of A Moment of Doubt, Jim has a new hardcover, Windward Passage, coming in Spring of '10, from Overlook Press, along with reprints of eight of his backlist titles, beginning with the long out of print Lethal Injection.

About Low Bite:

Low Bite: Sin Soracco's prison novel about survival, dignity, friendship and insubordination. The view from inside a women's prison isn't a pretty one, and Morgan, the narrator, knows that as well as anyone. White, female, 26, convicted of night time breaking and entering with force, she works in the prison law library, giving legal counsel of more-or-mostly-less usefulness to other convicts. More useful is the hootch stash she keeps behind the law books.

And she has plenty of enemies--like Johnson, the lesbian-hating warden, and Alex, the "pretty little dude" lawyer who doesn't like her free legal advice. Then there's Rosalie and Birdeye--serious rustlers whose loyalty lasts about as long as their cigarettes hold out. And then there's China: Latina, female, 22, holding US citizenship through marriage, convicted of conspiracy to commit murder--a dangerous woman who is safer in prison than she is on the streets. They're all trying to get through without getting caught or going straight, but there’s just one catch--a bloodstained bank account that everybody wants, including some players on the outside.

About Sin Soracco:

Sin Soracco, author of Edge City, lives mostly in the Mission District of San Francisco and along the outer edges of madness on the Lower Russian River in Sonoma Country, California.





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