The Kids of Widney High
Sunday, July 6, 2008, 5:30 p.m.

come to City Lights for a special visit!

The Kids of Widney High are a group of students from Widney High School, a special ed. high school in Los Angeles, who write and perform original songs. The group started in 1988 as a song writing class and changes as the students come and go from Widney. The students perform in the L.A. area with a band consisting of Vince Licassi-guitar, Judy Rudin-harmonica, Tony Bollas-drums, Spero Anthony-bass, and Michael Monagan-guitar.

The Kids have a staunch stable of celebrity fans including: Saul Williams, Mike Watt, Fiona Apple, Marilyn Manson, Spike Jonze, and Jimmy Kimmel, as well as a worldwide cult following that rivals any underground band on the scene today.  In fact, playing the LA leg of the Warped Tour a few years back, a record producer gave the head of the band the copy of their first album (made with a different permutation of Kids members in 1988) that belonged to Kurt Cobain.

They have been covered by such bands as the Yeah Yeahs, the Aquabats, and Osaka Popstar (made up of members of the Misfits, Black Flag, and the Ramones).  The band was also featured prominently in the hit comedy THE RINGER starring Johnny Knoxville and Katherine Heigl.  They've worked closely with such musical legends as Jackson Browne and Mike Patton, and a few of the Kids were involved with a television show pilot involving a few of the producers and writers from SOUTH PARK.

Over the last few years, the Kids have begun expanding their artistic output to other mediums, including film, painting, clothing design, and creative writing.  As with their music, the Kids' inimitable perspective and Outsider Art sensibility greatly informs their written pieces, and--as with an Artaud or Daisy Ashford--you're certain to never see or hear such writing anywhere else on the planet.

Come join the Kids as they wizz through City Lights on their multimedia tour up the West Coast!