Chris Kraus
Thursday, October 25, 2012, 7:00 P.M., City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco

celebrating the release of

Summer of Hate

from Semiotext(e) Books

Waking up from the chilling high of a dangerous sex game, art world insider Catt Dunlop travels to Albuquerque from her home in LA. It's summer, 2005. While Catt’s stated goal is to reinvest some windfall real estate gains, she’s secretly seeking escape from her niche in the insular cosmopolitan bubble she’s strived so hard to attain. In Albuquerque, she meets Paul Garcia, a recently sober ex-con who has just served sixteen months in prison for defrauding Halliburton Industries, his former employer, of $873. Deprived on the most cellular level of knowledge and hope, Paul makes plans, with Catt’s help, to attend UCLA. But then he’s arrested in Arizona on a 10-year old bench warrant. Caught in the nightmarish Byzantine world of American justice, Catt and Paul’s empathic idyll of saving each other’s lives seems cursed to dissolve.

Kraus’ 1997 debut novel I LOVE DICK was hailed by Rick Moody as "one of the most important literary events of the past two decades," and has become a cult classic. New York Times critic Holland Cotter has called her “one of our smartest and most original writers on art and culture.” In SUMMER OF HATE, Kraus turns her attention to the glaring disparities in expectations and consciousness that have come to define American life.

Baudrillard meets Breaking Bad in Catt’s stark and bleakly hilarious descent into an underclass world of born-again Christianity, self-help, and crack.

Chris Kraus is the author of the trilogy I Love Dick, Aliens & Anorexia and Torpor, and two books of art criticism, most recently Where Art Belongs.  Summer of Hate is her fourth novel.  Chris teaches at European Graduate School and lives in LA, where she is a co-editor of Semiotexte.