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Holy Ghost
City Lights Spotlight No. 15
David Brazil

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Whistleblower at the CIA
An Insider's Account of the Politics of Intelligence
Melvin A. Goodman

Essay on Counterpunch: Trump's Campaign of Militarization

"There is no more important risk in political governance than making sure that civilian control of the military is not compromised, and that the military remains subordinate to political authority. "—Mel Goodman

-Counterpunch Nov 23, 2016

Interview on Free Speech Radio News

Mel Goodman says, "Trump's CIA director pick Mike Pompeo an apologist for agency’s crimes."

-Free Speech Radio News Nov 21, 2016

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Mephistos and Other Poems
Michael McClure

Feature in the East Bay Times

Berkeley: Beat poetry legend Michael McClure to read at Moe's

-East Bay Times Nov 22, 2016

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and then we became
devorah major

"Poet devorah major is a forevermore work in progress"

devorah major profiled in the East Bay Times with a video of her reading from her new book, and then we became.

-East Bay Times Nov 14, 2016

"Top Fall Poetry: Great Reading Beyond the Basics from Veterans and Newcomers Alike"

and then we became named a top poetry book for Fall 2016 by Library Journal, includes a review of the book.

-Barbara Hoffert Oct 17, 2016

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Lost Profiles
Memoirs of Cubism, Dada, and Surrealism
Philippe Soupault

"A Tour of Paris, 1917, with Blaise Cendrars"

An excerpt from Lost Profiles of the chapter on Blaise Cendrars, with a brief introduction by translator Alan Bernheimer.

-Literary Hub Nov 29, 2016

"Lost Profiles included in the French Embassy's list of new titles"

Lost Profiles is featured on the French Embassy's website.

-French Embassy in the United States Nov 7, 2016

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America at War with Itself
Henry A. Giroux

"Henry A. Giroux: Trump's Cabinet Will Be a Group of 'Neoliberal Evangelicals’"

Transcript of interview Henry A. Giroux did on the Real News Network.

-Truth-Dig Jan 9, 2017

"President-Elect's Cabinet, the Church of Neoliberal Evangelicals"

Henry A. Giroux appears on the Real News Network, talking about how Donald Trump's Cabinet appointments are a signal for a future of more war, violent military interventions, and an embrace of Islamophobia.

-The Real News Network Dec 25, 2016

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Breaking Through Power
It's Easier Than We Think
Ralph Nader

Interview with Mike Papantonio on "America's Lawyer"

In the U.S., one of the few ways to achieve justice if you're harmed by a product that can kill and cripple is through our civil justice process. These kinds of cases, commonly referred to as tort actions, allow people to receive compensation for injuries or illnesses they've sustained due to corporate negligence or intentional conduct. While modern tort law has been around in the United States since at least the 19th century, only in the last few decades has there been such a huge effort to close the doors to the courthouse for injured victims. Mike Papantonio discusses the future of tort law and big business' efforts to destroy that tort system with Ralph Nader.

-America's Lawyer May 1, 2107

Breaking Through Power in the Washington Specatator
-The Washington Spectator Dec 20, 2016

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The Lost Civilization of Suolucidir
Susan Daitch

"A List of Especially Memorable Fiction and Nonfiction from 2016"

Evan Lavender-Smith describes The Lost Civilization of Suolucidir as a "ridiculously riveting archaeological adventure novel."

-HTMLGIANT Dec 27, 2016

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Dated Emcees
Chinaka Hodge

"Meet Award-Winning Poet, Hip Hop Artist & Oakland Native Chinaka Hodge"

Chinaka Hodge interviewed for 7x7.

-7x7 Nov 7, 2016

"Notes from the Kitchen Sisterhood / Fall 2016"

Dated Emcees appears on the Kitchen Sisters "Books we are reading" list.

-The Kitchen Sisters Oct 18, 2016

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Notes on the Assemblage
Juan Felipe Herrera

"Page-Turner: The Books We Loved in 2016"

Notes on the Assemblage appears in The New Yorker's end-of-year best-of list, selected by Ada Limón who says, "Juan Felipe Herrera's Notes on the Assemblage has been a ladder of hope . . ."

-Ada Limón Dec 13, 2016

"Letras Latinas Exclusive: an interview with Juan Felipe Herrera"

Juan Felipe Herrera interviewed by the Letras Latinas Blog, run by the University of Notre Dame's Institute of Latino Studies. Juan Felipe answers questions specifically about his newest book, Notes on the Assemblage.

-Letras Latinas Blog Sep 26, 2016