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and then we became
devorah major

"Fall 2016 Adult Announcements: Poetry"

and then we became selected as a highlight for Fall 2016 by Publishers Weekly.

-Publishers Weekly Jun 17, 2016

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America at War with Itself
Henry A. Giroux

"Neofascism of the Law and Order Candidate" - Henry A. Giroux interviewed on the Real News

"Henry Giroux tells Paul Jay that fear is an organizing principle of U.S. society."

-The Real News Network Aug 17, 2016

"New Nonfiction Coming this September"

America at War with Itself featured in PGC's "Bookstore Bulletin" newsletter - "New Nonfiction Coming This September".

-Publishers Group Canada Aug 23, 2016

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Save Twilight: Selected Poems
Pocket Poets Number 53
Julio Cortázar

"In Translation: August Fiction and Poetry"

Save Twilight: Selected Poems featured alongside more literature in translation in a round-up of August releases.

"I'm a big fan of City Lights’ Pocket Poets Series so clearly Save Twilight was going to make this list. Known mostly for his fiction, Cortázar was a talented poet who explored ideas about things both political and personal through a variety of forms. This latest edition includes almost one hundred new pages of poems, prose pieces, and illustrations."

-Book Riot Aug 2, 2016

"Fall 2016 Adult Announcements: Poetry"

Save Twilight: Selected Poems selected as a highlight for Fall 2016 by Publishers Weekly.

-Publishers Weekly Jun 17, 2016

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The Lost Civilization of Suolucidir
Susan Daitch

Essay on LitHub

"An Incomplete Atlas of Fantastic Maps: Susan Daitch on Literature's Attempt to Map the Countries Yet to Come" by Susan Daitch

Aug 3, 2016

"100 Must-Read Works of Jewish Fiction" in Book Riot

Susan Daitch's The Lost Civilization of Suolucidir is including at # 35, close to 36, which she explains has Kabbalistic significance.  Daitch is joined on the list by Elie Wiesel, Doris Lessing, Nadine Gordimer, Philip Roth, among many other luminaries.

Jul 15, 2016

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Dated Emcees
Chinaka Hodge

"Ask a Mutha: Summer's Not Over Yet—The Reading List You Still Need"

Dated Emcees selected as a best summer read in 2016 by Mutha Magazine

-Mutha Magazine Aug 5, 2016

"Chinaka Hodge Talks Emcees & Aging"

Chinaka Hodge interviewed by Niema Jordan about Dated Emcees.

-Frank Aug 3, 2016

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The Earth Wants YOU
Reverend Billy Talen

TUC Radio Podcast

"On April 26, 2016, New York based Reverend Billy came as far west as he could possibly go and gave a performance slash reading at the Gallery Bookshop in the village of Mendocino. He introduced his new book: The Earth Wants YOU! as both, a celebration of life and an indictment of the forces of destruction." 

-TCU Radio Podcast Jul 6, 2016

"The Irreverent Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping"

Q & A with Reverend Billy, environmental advocate and author of The Earth Wants You.

-Street Roots News Jun 2, 2016

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The Gilda Stories
Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition
Jewelle Gomez

"Interview in the Gay and Lesbian Review"

"Of Afrofuturism and Social Change."

-The Gay and Lesbian Review Jun 21, 2016

"Interview in the Huffington Post"

"Gilda Lives On & Gay Life In The 1940s: Summer Reading Comes Early."

-The Huffington Post Jun 3, 2016

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Haiti Glass
Lenelle Moïse

"Recommended Reading for Pride Month, 2016"

Haiti Glass is one of the 10 book the National Book Foundation recommends for Pride Month 2016.

-National Book Foundation Jun 24, 2016

"Former City Poet Laureate Lenelle Moïse Wins Award for First Book"

Details on Lenelle Moïse's winning of the 2015 PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Literary Award for her book Haiti Glass, featuring an interview with Moïse talking about the award and the book.

"'To me, Haiti Glass is about zooming in and going slow,' Moïse said, and by doing so, she feels, honoring each precious life and memory within the devastation. The book proved to be her method of 'writing through a lot of feelings of loss.'"


-Daily Hampshire Gazette Dec 30, 2015

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The Black History of the White House
Clarence Lusane

"The ugly truth about the White House and its history of slavery."

"I'm glad that she mentioned the role of enslaved Americans at the White House, because she presented a larger audience with a history that most people are not being taught in our schools," Lusane, also a professor emeritus at American University, told The Washington Post. "I certainly wasn't taught that not only were many of our presidents slave owners, but that the most renowned building in our nation was, in part, built by slave labor."

-The Washington Post Jul 27, 2016

"Clarence Lusane featured on Democracy Now"

Clarence Lusane, author of The Black History of the White House, on Democracy Now discussing why knowledge of the stories of slaves who were owned by--and labored for--past presidents is an essential topic for discussion on President's Day.

-Democracy Now Feb 17, 2014