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Two-Way Mirror
A Poetry Notebook
David Meltzer

"SERPENT POWER: City Lights Looks Forward to David Meltzer's Two-Way Mirror: A Poetry Notebook"

Poetry Foundation's Harriet Blog profiles the work of David Meltzer, recently highlighted on the City Lights blog, where his newest work, Two-Way Mirror was previewed.

-Poetry Foundation's Harriet Blog Feb 23, 2015

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Beautiful Chaos
A Life in the Theater
Carey Perloff

"Carey Perloff's book mentioned by BeyondChron's Randy Shaw"

Journalist Randy Shaw discusses the revitalization of San Francisco's mid-Market area including A.C.T.’s decision to open a new theater, The Strand, there. He says, "If you want to know more why A.C.T. chose this challenge, the backstory of A.C.T.’s decision to open the Strand is included in A.C.T. Artistic Director Carey Perloff’s dynamic new book, Beautiful Chaos: A Life in the Theater."

-BeyondChron Feb 5, 2015

"Michael Krasny interviews Tom Stoppard on KQED's Forum"

British playwright Tom Stoppard chatted with Michael Krasny on KQED's Forum where he mentioned his numerous collaborations with Carey Perloff, including the off-Broadway premiere of Indian Ink, which she will be directing at A.C.T. until February 8, 2015. On Perloff’s choice of the title Beautiful Chaos, Stoppard remarks, "Well I worked with Carey a few times and its never been chaotic. She’s always in command and in a good way, in control, but I can see that the order which exists in Carey’s work on stage probably emerges from a very complex background. Perhaps there’s an ironic spin on the word chaos in her case. Maybe you should ask her whether she means chaos as in mathematics."

-NPR Jan 27, 2015

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Man Alive
A True Story of Violence, Forgiveness and Becoming a Man
Thomas Page McBee

"2015 Over the Rainbow List: 78 LGBT Books for Adult Readers"

Man Alive by Thomas Page McBee named a top ten favorite on the 2015 Over the Rainbow List from the ALA's GLBTRT, who's mission is to create a bibliography of books that exhibit commendable literary quality and significant authentic GLBT content and are recommended for adults over age 18.

-Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT) of the American Library Association (ALA) Feb 1, 2015

"How Being Mugged at Gunpoint Changed This Trans Man's Life"

News report of HuffPost Live panel Thomas Page McBee took part in February 2015.

-Huffington Post Gay Voices Feb 5, 2015

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Lit Up Inside
Selected Lyrics
Van Morrison

"Book review by David Delegator on WVXU radio"

Listen to David Delegator on WVXU radio review Lit Up Inside: Selected Lyrics by singer/songwriter Van Morrison and Eamonn Hughes.

-WVXU Jan 30, 2015

Van Morrison: Lit Up Inside playlist on Aspen Public Radio

Andrea Young at Aspenbeat devotes half her show to the music included in Van Morrison's Lit Up Inside. (Begins at minute 34). She says, "The best part of the book is it immediately reconnects you with Morrison's amazing songwriting and performing talent.  And who wouldn't want to know which songs mean the most to someone of the stature and fame of Morrison."

-Andrea Young, Aspenbeat Dec 6, 2014

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Thousand Times Broken
Three Books
Henri Michaux

"Thousand Times Broken: A Conversation with Translator Gillian Conoley"

Gillian Conoley is interviewed by Peter Biello for the Three Percent blog on translation. Part two of the conversation can be found here 

-Kaija Straumanis, Three Percent Dec 18, 2014

"Talismanic Song: Gillian Conoley & Brian Laidlaw in Conversation"

Gillian Conoley and Brian Laidlaw in conversation for the Walker Art Center's blog, Field Guide the day before their collaborative event, presented by Rain Taxi. They talk about their collaboration, art, music, and Gillian's new Henri Michaux translations, Thousand Times Broken.

-Eric Lorberer, Walker Art Center's Field Guide Nov 18, 2014

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The Violence of Organized Forgetting
Thinking Beyond America's Disimagination Machine
Henry A. Giroux

"Interview with Michael Slate at KPFK"

Henry Giroux discusses torture, Carl Dix on the fight against police brutality, and more with KPFK's Michael Slate.

-KPFK Jan 5, 2015

"Best of 2014!"

The Violence of Organized Forgetting is chosen a best of 2014 book by Robert Birnbaum!

-Robert Bimbaum, Our Man in Boston Nov 21, 2014

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Lunch Poems
50th Anniversary Edition
Frank O'Hara

"Review in Entropy Magazine"

Patrick James Dunagan considers the anniversary edition of Frank O'Hara’s Lunch Poems along with the latest release in the City Lights Spotlight Series, Deep Code by John Coletti.

-Entropy Magazine Jan 7, 2015

"Review in Poetry Magazine"

O'Hara scholar Majorie Perloff rereads and discusses Lunch Poems 50 years after its first publication.

-Poetry Magazine Jan 5, 2015

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Here Come the Warm Jets
City Lights Spotlight No. 10
Alli Warren

"Here Come the Warm Jets wins the 2014 Poetry Center Book Award"

The Poetry Center Book Award has been presented annually since 1980 by The Poetry Center, San Francisco State University, to a single outstanding book of poetry published in the previous year. The Poetry Center Book Award carries a cash prize and an invitation to read, along with the award judge, at The Poetry Center in San Francisco.

-The Poetry Center Jan 29, 2015

"Here Come the Warm Jets is a finalist for the 2014 CA Book Award for Poetry"

Here Come the Warm Jets is nominated by the Commonwealth Club for the CA Book Award.

-The Commonwealth Club of California Apr 24, 2014