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Beautiful Chaos
A Life in the Theater
Carey Perloff

"Interview with Carey Perloff, Artistic Director of San Francisco's ACT Theater"

Interview with Carey Perloff, Artistic Director of San Francisco's ACT Theater and author of Beautiful Chaos, is now in NYC directing Tom Stoppard’s "Indian Ink" at the Roundabout Theater.

-Ted Sod, Roundabout Blog Sep 2, 2014

Profile of Carey Perloff by Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

A recent interview with Carey Perloff.

-Robert Hurwitt Nov 17, 2012

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Writing on the Wall
Selected Prison Writings of Mumia Abu-Jamal
Mumia Abu-Jamal, Johanna Fernandez

"New York Times article 'Police Files on Radicals Are at Center of a Lawsuit.' "

Johanna Fernandez, editor of Writing on the Wall, is interviewed about her request for the NYPD to find and turn over documents on the Puerto Rican militant group the Young Lords.

- Colin Moynihan. The New York Times Aug 27, 2014

"Article about Mumia Abu-Jamal in Counterpunch"

Greg Ruggiero writes about the relationship between Mumia Abu-Jamal and the literary agent Francis Goldin in Counterpunch.

-Greg Ruggiero Jun 19, 2014

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Lit Up Inside
Selected Lyrics
Van Morrison

"Feature on Robert Birnbaum's 'Our Man in Boston' Blog"

"The big news for devotees of Van Morrison is that he has deigned to authorize a book of his lyrics entitled Lit Up Inside to be published by City Lights. The two hundred page tome will include one-third of the lyrics Morrison has written over the course of his career."

-Robert Birnbaum, Our Man in Boston Sep 9, 2014

"Publishers Weekly Feature on the 'Big Indie Books of Fall 2014.' "

"Lit Up Inside [is] a collection of Van Morrison's lyrics that the singer/songwriter specifically wanted published by City Lights and its founder Lawrence Ferlinghetti. . . . This is the only book that Morrison has ever endorsed in an official capacity. It brings together the lyrics of 100 songs from his 50-year, 40-album career. Introduction by Eamonn Hughes; foreword by David Meltzer."

-Judith Rosen, Publisher's Weekly Aug 22, 2014

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Man Alive
A True Story of Violence, Forgiveness and Becoming a Man
Thomas Page McBee

"Bustle includes 'Man Alive' as one of their 'September 2014's Best Nonfiction Books: 7 Must-Read Titles to Shake Up Your All-Fiction Diet.' "

"'Being human means being at the mercy of others,' Thomas Page McBee points out in Man Alive. It's one of the many sobering observations he makes in the lyrically written memoir of his transition from female to male. Narrating a series of snapshots of his childhood and twentysomething life, McBee explores not only what defines a man through dissecting his traumatic history, but the mark he'll make as he mints his identity as male. The book reads like fiction — it’s smooth as butter — and you’ll digest it in just a few hours. What’ll last, though, is McBee’s humility, and the insight of his lessons, and his meditations on love. In a journey to which you might not think you can relate, you’ll find something on nearly every page that’ll resonate."––Meredith Turits

-Meredith Turits, Bustle Sep 2, 2014

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Thousand Times Broken
Three Books
Henri Michaux

"Thousand Times Broken Book Party filmed by and featured on Litseen"

Complete presentation and reading from the book release party for Thousand Times Broken by Henri Michaux, filmed by Litseen.

-Evan Karp, Litseen Sep 15, 2014

"Publisher's Weekly looks forward to Fall Books by Henri Michaux & Lisa Robertson, Among Others"

The Harriet Blog features Publisher's Weekly’s Fall 2014 picks, which includes the forthcoming Thousand Times Broken by Henri Michaux.

-Harriet Staff, The Poetry Foundation's Harriet Blog Jul 21, 2014

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The Violence of Organized Forgetting
Thinking Beyond America's Disimagination Machine
Henry A. Giroux

" Interview on KPFA's 'Flashpoints.' "

Dennis Bernstein has an in-depth conversation with Henry A. Giroux, about his book, The Violence of Organized Forgetting: Thinking Beyond America's Disimagination Machine.

-KPFA Flashpoints Aug 21, 2014

"Interview on 'Resistance Radio.' "

Henry A. Giroux, the author of more than 50 books, is certainly one of the world's most important living intellectuals. He writes on a tremendous variety of topics, but central to all of his work are the importance of radical democracy, the importance of education, the importance of critical thinking and discourse, and the effects of capitalism on all of these. In 2002 he was named as one of the top 50 educational thinkers of the modern period.

-Henry Giroux. PRN.FM Jul 6, 2014

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Lunch Poems
50th Anniversary Edition
Frank O'Hara

"Los Angeles radio station KPCC discusses O'Hara"

Commentator Marc Haefele writes about arts and culture for KPCC's "Off-Ramp."  Here, he attends a reading of Frank O'Hara's Lunch Poems and muses on the connections.

-Marc Haefele, KPCC Sep 3, 2014

"Frank O'Hara's Lunch Poems reviewed by The Skinny"

"It is hard to believe half a century's passed since the publication of Frank O'Hara’s Lunch Poems... because its voice is in almost every way contemporary: worldly, ironic, sceptical, occasionally flip; but also sad, in a way that’s complex and under-the-surface and which maybe has something to do with the loss of transcendent belief."

-Jim Troeltsch, The Skinny Sep 2, 2014

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Woman with Guitar
Memphis Minnie's Blues
Paul Garon, Beth Garon

"Woman with Guitar featured on The Roots and Roots Show, Memphis Minnie tribute show"

Woman with Guitar by Paul Garon featured on the Memphis Minnie tribute broadcast on the Roots and Roots Show.

-Greg Abdur-Rasheed, The Roots and Roots Show Aug 2, 2014

Woman with Guitar selected to Memphis Flyer's "Books for Summer Reading List"

Woman with Guitar by Paul & Beth Garon selected to Memphis Flyer's "Books for Summer Reading List", all books that have to do with local interest in Memphis.

-Chris Davis, Memphis Flyer Jul 10, 2014

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The Tranquilized Tongue
City Lights Spotlight No. 11
Eric Baus

"The Tranquilized Tongue selected by the editors of Poetry Magazine for their July/August Reading List"

Dorothea Lasky selects The Tranquilized Tongue for Poetry Magazine's July/August Reading List.

-Dorothea Lasky, The Poetry Foundation's Harriet Blog Jul 7, 2014

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Border Patrol Nation
Dispatches from the Front Lines of Homeland Security
Todd Miller

"Todd Miller on CSPAN Book-TV"

Todd Miller featured at Changing Hands Bookstore, Phoenix, AZ.

-Todd Miller, C-SPAN Aug 6, 2014

"Tomgram: Todd Miller, Bill of Rights Rollback in the U.S. Borderlands"

Todd Miller is back with another hair-raising tale from America's borderlands.

-Todd Miller, Jul 15, 2014

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Ghost Tantras
Michael McClure

"Feature on Jacket 2"

Charles Bernstein discusses the work of Michael McClure.

-Charles Bernstein, Jacket 2 Jul 31, 2014

"Michael McClure highlighted in KCET's L.A. Letters"

Michael McClure is discussed as a central figure in San Francisco, the "City of Poets."

-Mike Sonksen, L.A. Letters Apr 24, 2014