Thursday, December 4, 12:10PM
Berkeley, CA: UC Berkeley - Morrison Library in Doe Library

Gillian Conoley reads at the Morrison Library as part of Lunch Poems: A Noontime Poetry Reading Series, under the direction of Professor Robert Hass. Gillian will read from her new Henri Michaux translations, Thousand Times Broken, with special guest Endi Hartigan

The Morrison Library is located within the Doe Library at UC Berkeley, click the link to find info on the Morrison Library:

Admission is free.


Books related to this event:

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Thousand Times Broken
Three Books
Henri Michaux
2014 Edition
Three never-before-translated-into-English works from the great visionary French artist & writer Henri Michaux during the period of his mescaline experimentation, with drawings by the author and surrealist painter Roberto Matta. Translated from the French by noted poet Gillian Conoley.