May 8-10, 2014
Copenhagan, Denmark: Gertrude Stein Conference

Juliana Spahr, author of the afterword to Tender Buttons: The Corrected Centennial Edition, take part in "A Valentine To Gertrude Stein: The Reception of Gertrude Stein in the Arts and Humanities." Hosted by the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and co-organized with Ghent University and Linköping University, this conference will focus on the interdisciplinary reception of Stein among artists and academics, and create a platform for in-depth and extended Stein discussion. The event celebrates the 100th anniversary of the publication of Stein's seminal poetry collection, Tender Buttons. This book of prose poems is itself an interdisciplinary work of literary still lifes, collage texts obsessed with issues from the visual arts like perspective, visuality, texture, space, materiality and physical objects. Additional participants include: Marjorie Perloff, Heiner Goebbels, Catharine Stimpson, Isabelle Alfandary, and Steven Meyer. For more information, write to:

Books related to this event:

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Tender Buttons
The Corrected Centennial Edition
Gertrude Stein
2014 Edition
We present a centennial edition of the modernist classic featuring over 100 corrections by Stein herself. The Modern Language Association's Committee on Scholarly Editions has designated it an MLA Approved Edition. Congrats to editor Seth Perlow!

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An Army of Lovers
Juliana Spahr, David Buuck
2013 Edition
Based loosely on their own Bay Area literary lives, these two intellectual weirdos talk about the state of poetry and their process of writing. It's spot-on and brilliant, but then it gets weird—really strange weird! It had me nodding in agreement, gritting my teeth at its incantations, and laughing like a goddamn chimp—while in public!