The Ashes Series: solo exhibition
Brown University; Providence, Rhode Island

The Ashes Series depicts the suffering of war not through human displays of emotion, but rather through the absence of human life in once occupied homes. Artist and author Wafaa Bilal investigates the impact of the destruction of these private, domestic spaces in war and media images of such destruction. 

The exibition will run April 5th-26th, at the David Winton Bell Gallery, List Art Center (address below). More details forthcoming. 

64 College St.

Providence, Rhode Island

Related Symposium, April 5 

Curator: Ian Alden Russell

Books related to this event:

Product image
Shoot An Iraqi
Art, Life and Resistance Under the Gun
Wafaa Bilal, Kari Lydersen
2008 Edition
An award-winning Iraqi artist's life story and the impact of his highly provocative interactive art piece