Our Authors

Over the years, City Lights has had the honor of publishing some of the world's best known writers and thinkers. We've also been proud to introduce an exciting range of new voices and views. Search below for biographical information on City Lights authors, and a list of their works available from our site.


Mackey, Nathaniel
Madonna, Paul
Maldonado, Benjamín
Manchette, Jean-Patrick
Maraini, Toni
Marcos, Subcomandante Insurgente
Martín Gaite, Carmen
Maso, Carole
Mayakovsky, Vladimir
Mazza, Cris
McClure, Michael
Mehmedinovic, Semezdin
Meltzer, David
Mension, Jean-Michel
Meyer, Lois
Miller, Todd
Minghelli, Marina
Morgan, Bill
Mozaffari, Nahid
Mrabet, Mohammed
Murguía, Alejandro