Paul Krassner
Wednesday, July 15, 2009, 7:00 P.M., San Francisco, CA: City Lights Books

discussing his new book

Who's to Say What's Obscene?

Politics, Culture and Comedy in America Today

published by City Lights Books

Fans of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Onion will appreciate this timely collection of satirical essays by counterculture icon Paul Krassner. With irreverence and an often X-rated wit, Krassner explores contemporary comedy, and obscenity in politics and culture from "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" banners to scenes cut out of recent movies, including Borat.

In his essay "Don Imus Meets Michael Richards" Krassner examines racism in comedy from Lenny Bruce to Dave Chapelle, on The Sarah Silverman Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and in controversial comic strips like The Boondocks.

"These are times of repression," says Krassner, "and the more repression there is, the more need there is for irreverence toward those in authority."

Praise for Paul Krassner:

"He is an expert at ferreting out hypocrisy and absurdism from the more solemn crannies of American culture."
New York Times

"To classify Krassner as a social rebel is far too cute. He's a nut, a raving, unconfined nut."
—Federal Bureau of Investigation

"The FBI was right. This man is dangerous—and funny; and necessary."
—George Carlin

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Who's to Say What's Obscene?
Politics, Culture and Comedy in America Today
Paul Krassner
2009 Edition
Satirical essays by a countercultural icon about the moral obscenity of contemporary politics, culture, and comedy