Sunday, September 17th, Noon
Brooklyn, NY: Brooklyn Book Festival

"History Will Repeat Itself": The tales that come before us and surround us are even more influential than we realize. It is not just our favorite novels that spark our own lives, but the gossip, local mythology, and ancient tales of the places we inhabit that weave into our own stories. Amelia Gray (Isadora), Kei Miller (Augustown), and Madison Smartt Bell (Behind the Moon) examine their incorporation of the histories of distinct cultures into their own new work, and the influence and inspiration that such narratives can provide. Moderated by Tiphanie Yanique.

12:00 PM: Brooklyn Historical Library, at 128 Pierrepont Street.

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Behind the Moon
Madison Smartt Bell
2017 Edition
"A kind of primal storytelling that crackles with dread and desire."—O Magazine