Thursday, April 27th, 7:00PM
Oakland, CA: Grand Lake Theatre

Join the Matatu Festival on Thursday, April 27 for one evening with activist, former political prisoner, and poet Ericka Huggins as she reaches into her own history, reading the words of sheroes and heroes that span the last 50 years of her life. Inspired by the Civil Rights Movement, she made a commitment to the Human Rights Movement and is a witness to movements across formations today.

Ericka is introduced by writers Chinaka Hodge and Zoé Samudzi, both sharing their thoughts and works in criticism of the moment. The entire evening features open dialogue with audience members.

Grand Lake Theatre
Thursday, April 27 • 7PM
co-presented by the Oakland Book Festival

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2016 Edition
"These are poems to read every day. To make mantras from. They are the best poems you've ever read."––Daveed Diggs, star of Hamilton