Eleven/Eleven Journal Release Party
Tuesday, March 4, 2014, 7:00 p.m., City Lights Bookstore. 261 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco




Hosted by Hugh Behm-Steinberg. With readings from contributors.

Eleven Eleven is a biannual journal of literature and art published through the MFA Writing program at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. The aim of the publication is to provide a forum for risk and experimentation and to serve as an exchange between writers and artists.

Lewis Ellingham: born February 27, 1933. Fort Wayne, Indiana, an established newspaper family. Older brother and twin sister. Mother dead at age two. Catholic schools. San Francisco, 1954, beginning in North Beach. Still in the City. With Kevin Killian, wrote Poet Be Like God. My poems: The Birds. Others followed.

Nana K. Twumasi lives and writes in Oakland, CA, in a small apartment, with the company of a small dog. Her work has appeared in Ballyhoo Stories' 50 States Project, The International Museum of Women’s Imagining Ourselves Online exhibit, Sou’wester Journal, and Zyzzyva Journal. She co-edits Monday Night, a journal of new literature, and, like most other prose writers, she is currently working on the next great American novel.

Kenneth Wong is the author of A Prayer for Burma (2003, Santa Monica Press). He was born and raised in Rangoon, Burma. He blames Shakespeare and Dickens for his insuppressible urge to write. He is addicted to Burmese tealeaf salad and Indian Chai.

Emily Meg Weinstein writes the web site Super Lefty, where she has published over 300 essays. Her work has also appeared in various publications and anthologies. She is the author of two chapbooks, and the nonfiction editor of Forklift, Ohio. She lives, writes, teaches and climbs in Oakland, California.

Kate Robinson is a poet and intermedia book artist from Oakland, CA where she co-curates the Manifest Reading and Workshop Series and creates artists' books under the imprint Manifest Press. Her work has appeared in Slightly West, Blazevox and lupiter 88:  and is housed in the special collections of SUNY, Buffalo. Kate has taught interdisciplinary/collaborative workshops at Evergreen State College, Mills College, California College of the Arts, and Oakland School for the Arts, and is the 2014 Mills College Book Fellow.

Eleven Eleven was founded in 2004 by Youmna Chlala and Gayle Romasanta.