Exitstencil Press Night @ City Lights
Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 7:00 P.M., City Light Bookstore, San Francisco



Gee Vaucher & Penny Rimbaud

visit City Lights in an evening of readings and discussion

Exitstencil Press has acted as a conduit for a huge range of creative projects, from the avant-garde outfit Exit of the late sixties, through punk rockers' Crass, to the jazz experimentations of Last Amendment, from event/happenings as part of the sixties Fluxus Movement to Gee Vaucher's international multi-media shows and exhibitions. In a uniquely loose and unconventional manner it has, over the years, published books, pamphlets and general ephemera, released a small number of albums and arranged innumerable radical gigs, exhibitions and gatherings. Committed to people rather than profit, to creative expansion rather than just personal gratification, it has always soughtto push boundaries.

In 2008, Gee Vaucher and Penny Rimbaud decided to revitalise their project, dividing it into four related, but separate entities, publications, prints, recordings and films. By so doing, they hope to be able to concentrate their energies and talents into producing a vibrant outlet for themselves and others whose creative and political ideas they share. Exitstencil's impressive back-catalogue will act as a sound foundation for the already growing number of proposed projects, working on the publication side of things alongside Christian Brett and Alice Smith of Rochdale's quirky Bracketpress, and recordings alongside Allison Schnackenberg of Southern and Tony Barber of Exitstencil Recording Studio.

Visit: http://www.exitstencilpress.com

Also coming up earlier in the week:

"First Impressions"
The Art of Gee Vaucher from the UK

Friday, March 15  7pm-10pm  Free

Grant's Tomb Gallery
50-A Bannam Place, North Beach, San Francisco

Winston Smith and Grant’s Tomb Gallery present
'FIRST IMPRESSIONS' a small show of prints by Gee Vaucher.
With additional artwork by Winston Smith.
East London born Gee Vaucher started gaining recognition producing politically outspoken record covers for anarcho-punk band Crass in the late 1970s. Her work became a strong influence for protest art as well as the punk and anarchist aesthetic of her time. Using her diverse interest in all forms of art, she produced paintings and collages that exposed the absurdity and hypocrisy of 'civilized' society with frank and often disturbing imagery.

After Crass disbanded Vaucher moved away from overt world politics and started producing work of a more personal nature, exploring the psychological diversity and dilemma of social inter-relationships. Vaucher’s work is hard-hitting with a gripping aesthetic and has been exhibited internationally as well as being included in a number of books and publications.
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