Tosh Berman on his love affair with SPARKS
Wednesday, April 24, 2013, 7:00 P.M., City Light Bookstore, San Francisco

celebrating the release of

Sparks-Tastic: 21 Albums and 21 Nights in London with Sparks

from Barnacle Books

Sparks-Tastic chronicles Sparks and their infamous 21-night "Sparks Spectacular" May-June 2008 residency in London playing 21 successive nights and each of their albums in chronological order.

In 2008, Tosh Berman—author and publisher at TamTam Books—got on a plane with a single motive: "Sparks Spectacular." It was announced that the band would perform all 21 of their albums in a succession of 21 nights in London…a monumental experience for any Sparks fanatic. Part travel journal, part personal memoir, Berman takes us through the streets of London and Paris, observing both cities' history and culture through the eye of an obsessive Sparks fan's lens, Including an album-by-album review of all the works by Sparks.

TOSH BERMAN is the publisher of Tam Tam Books, a Los Angeles-based independent publisher specializing in French translation titles by Boris Vian, Serge Gainsbourg, and Guy Debord. He lives in Los Angeles.

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In 2008, Tosh Berman — author and publisher of TamTam Books — got on a plane with a single motive: "Sparks Spectacular."