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Spilling copious amounts of fresh warm blood, Marlon James' new fantasy dips into African Folklore and myth to breathe new life into a genre in danger of stagnation. -Daven
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The Master & Margarita
50th Anniversary Edition
Mikhail Bulgakov
The Devil is not evil he's merely the mirror for society AND he's got a shit talkin', gun totin', chess playin' giant black cat with him. Masterpiece. --recommended by Caitlyn, Josiah and Daven
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Ted Chiang
Recommended by Daven

"Chiang produces a short story so rarely, each tale is a celebration of exactitude. With an architect's eye for structure, the patience and temperament of a chemist, and a physicist's understanding of the order and chaos that underlines our world and our lives."

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Southern Reach Trilogy Book 1
Jeff VanderMeer
In the tradition of the science fiction New Wave of the 60s and 70s, Jeff VanderMeer has written an impressionistic fever dream masquerading as a mystery adventure story, tackling issues of identity, biology and ecological disaster. A unique reading experience only found in speculative fiction --Recommended by Daven