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Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society
Revised Paperback Edition
Kevin Evans, Carrie Galbraith, John Law
A template for pranksters, artists, adventurers and anyone interested in rampant creativity, for years to come. Tales Of The San Francisco Cacophony Society tells the history of the most influential underground cabal that you have never heard of.
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You Can't Win
Jack Black
A classic of outlaw literature, Black's real-life account of cross-country train-hopping, prison breaks, opium addiction, and hobo living was an early inspiration for William Burroughs and continues to be passed around anarchist squats as a must read for those living outside the law. —Recommended by Ivy, City Lights Books
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The Secret History of the World
Mark Booth
They say that history is written by the victors. But what if history--or what we come to know as history--has been written by the wrong people? What if everything we've been told is only part of the story? What if it's the wrong part?
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The Barbary Coast
An Informal History of the San Francisco Underworld
Herbert Asbury
You're standing right in it! The Barbary Coast. 150 years ago this area was a den of such vice and iniquity that it would've made even the Marquis de Sade blush. Find out why... —Recommended by Don, City Lights Books