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A listing of staff proclivities, recommended by both past and present bookstore and publishing employees. Check back for new recommendations each month as we bring you the best of what we're reading or have read. Browse by title, author or staff member!

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Xicancuicatl: Collected Poems
Alfred Arteaga, David Lloyd
This book by one of the most important Chicanx poets is so breathtaking that it defies comment. --Recommended by Solomon
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Detransition, Baby: A Novel
Torrey Peters
--Recommended by Ryan
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The Glass Castle
A Memoir
Jeannette Walls
Whether or not you've seen the movie adaptation of this book, I urge you to read this poignant contemporary classic. Walls' childhood includes a perilous tale of a too-young child cooking a hot dog unsupervised, the gifting of the planet Venus as seen in a desert sky, and illegally petting cheetahs at the zoo. --Recommended by Anna
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The Prophets
Robert Jones Jr.
--Recommended by Paul
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Milk Blood Heat
Dantiel W Moniz
--Recommended by Paul
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100 Boyfriends
Brontez Purnell
A horny valentine. It's like an angel (in a bathhouse) sighing. A good lover is hard to find, but less preposterous with the written word of wisdom that is Brontez Purnell's luscious defiance. --Recommended by Ryan and Paul
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Four Hundred Souls: A Community History of African America, 1619-2019
Ibram X. Kendi, Keisha N. Blain
--Recommended by Paul
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Hades, Argentina: A Novel
Daniel Loedel
recommended by Paul
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Farming While Black: Soul Fire Farm's Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land
Leah Penniman
A deep well of knowledge, intergenerational wisdom, and inspiration. A DIY manual for black land-based sovereignty and liberation, this invaluable book is brimming with seeds for a diverse resistance movement that is grounded, insurgent, and beautiful. "The Land is calling you home," writes Penniman, "and will help you get back to her.” --Greg
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A Novel
Percival Everett
A heartbreaking story about a father who is grieving over his rapidly deteriorating young daughter. But after finding a note for help in the pocket of a shirt he ordered, he abandons his family while he tries to save someone he doesn't know. --RECOMMENDED BY ANDY
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Black Futures
Kimberly Drew, Jenna Wortham
Reading and experiencing Black Futures' impressive, animate infinity is fundamental throughout all generations and directions of time. ---Recommended by Ryan.
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The Master & Margarita
50th Anniversary Edition
Mikhail Bulgakov
The Devil is not evil he's merely the mirror for society AND he's got a shit talkin', gun totin', chess playin' giant black cat with him. Masterpiece. --recommended by Caitlyn, Josiah and Daven
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Doon Arbus
A perfectly strange Autumn tale. --Recommended by Josiah

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