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Field Study
Chet'la Sebree
Chet'la Sebree's Field Study is a genre-bending exploration of black womanhood and desire, written as a lyrical, surprisingly humorous, and startlingly vulnerable prose poem
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Double Trio: Tej Bet, So's Notice, Nerve Church
Nathaniel Mackey
This collection in three beautiful volumes corresponds to John Coltrane's Meditations and rises to the level of that great work. Over 35 years of careful composition at the apex of American poetry, or any poetry. --Recommended by Solomon
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Written After a Massacre in the Year 2018
Daniel Borzutzky
This is the most intense book in this room. Borzutzky's method of confronting state-sponsored violence and hate is to address it in the most heartbreakingly clear language as possible. Don't look away. --Recommended by Chris
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African American Poetry: 250 Years of Struggle and Song
A Library of America Anthology
Kevin Young
A literary landmark: the biggest, most ambitious anthology of black poetry ever published, gathering 250 poets from the colonial period to the present.
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For Now
Eileen Myles
In this raucous meditation, Eileen Myles offers an intimate glimpse into creativity's immediacy.
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!HIJOLE! but theres something in the ground in Fresno that grows amazing Chicanx poets….. And now here comes Anthony Cody. Cody does nothing less than unearth our history and decolonizes the poem on the page, reforming it into a powerful timeline of Mexican Lynchings in the U.S and deeply felt family memories. --recommended by Josiah
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early essential queer writing;New narrative father and co-originator, Steve Abbott continues to twinkle and inflame our senses long after his death. Transcending divine illuminations and oblique views, Jamie Townsend has ardently composed the proper altar for a pure San Francisco seraph ---Ryan
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Twice Alive
Forrest Gander
An exciting new book about renewal by the winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry
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Kate Durbin
A new collection of poetry from Kate Durbin
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A Thousand Times You Lose Your Treasure
Hoa Nguyen
Winner of the Canada Book Award
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Mule Kick Blues
And Last Poems
Michael McClure, Garrett Caples
The final book of poems from a Beat Generation legend, Mule Kick Blues finds McClure restlessly innovating until the end.
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Love & Other Poems
Alex Dimitrov
A new collection of poetry from Alex Dimitrov
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Jump the Clock
New and Selected Poems
Erica Hunt
A new collection of poetry from celebrated poet Erica Hunt
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Storage Unit for the Spirit House
Maw Shein Win
With sharp focus and startling language, the poems in Maw Shein Win's second book, Storage Unit for the Spirit House, look through physical objects to glimpse the ephemeral, the material, and the immaterial.

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