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100 Boyfriends
Brontez Purnell
A horny valentine. It's like an angel (in a bathhouse) sighing. A good lover is hard to find, but less preposterous with the written word of wisdom that is Brontez Purnell's luscious defiance. --Recommended by Ryan and Paul
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Dance on Saturday: Stories
Elwin Cotman
A few pages in and i was enthralled with this book. I gave away my copy twice, before i had finished it, to a friend and a stranger. I wanted them to share my fascination with Cotman's fantastical prose. These stories exist in a world that is unmistakably our own. "Y'all best get in on this." -RECOMMENDED BY RYAN
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Doon Arbus
A perfectly strange Autumn tale. --Recommended by Josiah
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Each Of Us Killers
Jenny Bhatt
Set in the American Midwest, England, and India (Mumbai, Ahmedabad, rural Gujarat) the stories in EACH OF US KILLERS are about people trying to realize their dreams and aspirations through their professions.
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Spilling copious amounts of fresh warm blood, Marlon James' new fantasy dips into African Folklore and myth to breathe new life into a genre in danger of stagnation. -Daven
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Stories From The Wall
Deeply rooted in Chicano culture as expressed through a modern Latinx view, these stories will make you laugh at what's not funny and recognize the unfamiliarity of our evolving culture in the modern details of this 21st century vida loca of ours. ---Josiah
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The Story of the Lost Child
The Fourth and Final Neapolitan Novel
Elena Ferrante
"Nothing quite like this has ever been published before," proclaimed The Guardian newspaper about the Neapolitan Novels in 2014. Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, the third book in the series, was an international best seller and a New York Times Notable Book of the Year.
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Lidia Yuknavitch
A fiercely empathetic group portrait of the marginalized and outcast in moments of crisis, from one of the most galvanizing voices in American fiction.
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Revolution According to Raymundo Mata
Gina Apostol
The first ever US publication of Gina Apostol's Philippine National Book Award–winning novel.
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Quiet Orient Riot
Nathalie Khankan
Quiet Orient Riot is an exploration of the tendons of motherhood, its mutinies and munificences.
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Ed. Laura Cogan
ZYZZYVA closes out its year-long celebration of its 35th anniversary with the publication of Issue No. 119—the L.A. Issue.
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A Novel
Mauro Javier Cardenas
Mauro Javier Cárdenas, the critically-acclaimed author of The Revolutionaries Try Again—"an original, insubordinate novel" (New York Times)—pens a profound story of literature about a man coming to terms with his dysfunctional Colombian family, as well as his own behavior, as an immigrant in America.
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Castle Faggot
Derek McCormack
A dark satire about an amusement park more deranged than anything Disney could imagine: a playland for gay men called Faggotland.
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A Novel
Bryan Washington
What happens when a love story collides with the limits of love—and everyone has an opinion?

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