Subterranean SF Reading Series w/ Bradley Spinelli
Thursday, March 30, 2017, 7:00 p.m., Undisclosed Location. Admission Free. Invititations available @ City Lights beginning 3/20/17

(Black Envelope invites are still available @ the fromnt counter of City Lights. Get them soon!)

The Subterranean SF Reading Series celebrates the release of

The Painted Gun

By Bradley Spinelli

from Akashic Books

(taking place at numerous undisclosed locations. Scroll down to learn more about venues and invitation availability)

A washed-up ex-journalist looking for a missing girl in San Francisco is framed by a Guatemalan hit man for a series of murders.

It's 1997 at the dawn of the digital age in San Francisco. Ex-journalist and struggling alcoholic David "Itchy" Crane's fledgling "information consultancy" business is getting slowly buried by bad luck, bad decisions, and the growing presence of the Internet. Before Itchy can completely self-destruct, a crooked private investigator offers him fifty grand to find a missing girl named Ashley. Crane takes the job because the money's right and because the only clue to her disappearance is a dead-on oil portrait of Crane himself painted by the mysterious missing girl—whom he has never met.

As Crane's search for Ashley rapidly becomes an obsession, he stumbles upon a series of murders, gets slapped around by thugs and intimidated by cops, and begins to suspect he's being framed for the murders by a psychotic Guatemalan hit man. Left with no avenue but survival, Crane goes on the offensive, fighting to clear his name, solve the murders, and find the beguiling portrait artist Ashley, who may have a few surprises of her own.

This event shall take place at numerous undisclosed locations.

Admission is free, but only on a first come, first serve basis.

Attendance is limited and by invitation only.

No reservations shall be accepted.

Invitiations become available on Monday, March 20, 2017 and may be picked up in-person at the front counter of City Lights Bookstore, 261 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA. Ask for the black envelope at the front counter. It will contain a map and navigation instructions. Each invite admits one. Two invite maximum per person.

Call City Lights to determine ticket availability (tel. 415-362-8193 x24)

BRADLEY SPINELLI is the author of the novel Killing Williamsburg, and the writer/director of the film #AnnieHall, which the Village Voice called "fascinating." He contributes regularly to Bedford + Bowery and lives in Brooklyn. The Painted Gun is his latest novel. Visit his website at

What has been said about the work of Bradley Spinelli:

"An unofficial San Francisco shamus whose tale is set in 1997 but whose heart is stuck in 1947 hunts for the world's most elusive missing person . . . 'I keep meeting people who wind up dead,' aptly observes the narrator/hero . . . If you'd like more where that came from, Spinelli is your man."
Kirkus Reviews

"The Painted Gun is hardboiled like they don't make anymore. Whiplash twists, razor-sharp prose, an addictive narrative—I couldn't read it fast enough."
—Rob Hart, author of South Village

"With a plot that winds up like a Swiss watch and then explodes like an RPG, Bradley Spinelli's The Painted Gun pays off in every way a reader of noir fiction wants it to, and provides a lovely bonus—some of the most sure-footed tough guy prose I've seen since Hammett and Chandler walked those mean streets. Spinelli’s novel pays homage to the conventions of detective fiction while also spinning an original and terrifying web of violence, menace, and intrigue. A bravura performance by a writer of marvelous gifts."
—Sterling Watson, author of Suitcase City

"The Painted Gun is a fun and wonderfully reckless remix. Bradley Spinelli spins the conventions of noir and whips up a tasty postmodern dish. It’s an homage to yesterday, and also an examination of what’s thrumming outside our walls right now."
—Joshua Mohr, author of All This Life

"Spinelli gives us noir voices and atmosphere, a thrilling international plot, and—in the lovely, half-mad painter Ashley Fenn—a figure who embodies the seductive dangers of fine art. What more could you ask?"
—Richard Vine, author of SoHo Sins

Praise for Killing Williamsburg by Bradley Spinelli:

"Spinelli offers sharp and stylish prose . . . Benson’s nihilistic views may resonate with readers in their twenties facing an uncertain economic future."
Publishers Weekly

"Spinelli has written the first visionary neo-Romantic novel of the twenty-first century."
The Awl