Jarett Kobek
Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 7:00 P.M., City Lights Booksellers, 261 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco


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published by We Heard You Like Books, a division of U2603 LLC

with a special appearance by Kevin Killian

What if you told the truth and the whole world heard you? Would you expect to be believed? What if you lived in a country swamped with Internet outrage? What if you were a woman living in a society that hated women?

Set in the San Francisco of 2013, I Hate the Internet offers a hilarious and obscene indictment of our online lives. Tackling the pressing  questions of our moment, Jarett Kobek asks: Why do we live with rank misery seeping from the world's cellphones and computers? Why do we applaud the enrichment of tech CEOs at the expense of the weak and the powerless? Why are we giving away our intellectual property? Why is activism in the 21st Century nothing more than a series of morality lectures typed into devices built by slaves?

Jarett Kobek is a Turkish-American writer living in California. His novella ATTA has appeared in Spanish translation, been the subject of much academic writing and was a recent bestseller in parts of Canada. He writes regularly for museums and galleries, with his essays appearing under the auspices of Frieze, the Hammer Museum and White Cube.

What has been said about I Hate The Internet:

"Could we have an American Houellebecq? Jarrett Kobek might come close, in the fervor of his assault on sacred cows of our own secretly-Victorian era, even if some of his implicit politics may be the exact reverse of the Frenchman's. I just got an eartly copy of his newest, I Hate The Internet, and devoured it––he's as riotous as Houellebecq, and you don't need a translator, only fireproof gloves for turning the pages."––Jonathan Lethem, The Scofield