Sixteen Rivers Press @ City Lights
Sunday, May 6, 2012, 5:00 P.M., City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco, CA

Poetry read by

Judy Halebsky and Jacqueline Kudler

celebrating the release of two new books from 16 Rivers Press

poems by Judy Halebsky

Easing into Dark
poems by Jacqueline Kudler

The poems in Judy Halebsky's Space/Gap/Interval/Distance, winner of the Sixteen Rivers Press 2011
Poets-Under-Forty Chapbook Contest, combine memory and depth of feeling with luminous observation
and precision of craft. In a voice utterly and breathtakingly her own, Halebsky translates her experience of living in Japan into poems influenced by butoh dance, haiku, and, momentously, the Japanese language itself, finding in kanji, the basic written characters of Japanese, a rich source of insight, metaphor, and fresh associative power. Space/Gap/Interval/Distance is the twenty-sixth book to be published by Sixteen Rivers Press.

Jacqueline Kudler's new collection of poems traces a delicate and tensile arc. Poignant, unafraid, and
disarming in its evocation of the trajectory of one human life, Easing into Dark is a return to that life, and
for Kudler such return is "a way of realigning memory," a longing not for the life unlived but for the life
lived: years growing up in New York, her engagement with imagination and nature, the death of her
husband, and the aftermath: the sources of beauty and richness that remain. Easing into Dark is the twenty-fifth book to be published by Sixteen Rivers Press.

What has been said about Space/Gap/Interval/Distance:

"Space/Gap/Interval/Distance engages the reader in rapt translation—between languages, among the
visual, the semantic, and the kinesthetic—by way of a poet's journey of return and what remains
unsaid. What singles this work out is that after reading each poem, we are left with evocative images
that initiate journeys of translation continuing long after we leave the page." —Forrest Hamer

"Entering Judy Halebsky's Space/Gap/Interval/Distance is like stepping into a world you know must
exist but have yet to experience. Influenced by Japanese kanji characters and the haiku tradition, this
beautiful book locates the big in the small. Magic, memory, and mutability drive these poems through
fabulous places. You have no idea how lucky you are to be in the passenger seat." —Dean Rader

"Halebsky brings charm, humor, and depth of feeling to the art of translation. Her poems have
a fourth dimension as well, putting us into new bodily forms through a physical experience
of the words." —June Watanabe

What has been said about Easing into Dark:

“Whether recording the invisible presence of her deceased husband, contemplating the white door of her
own mortality, or celebrating a hike with her adolescent granddaughter to a California mountain lake,
Jacqueline Kudler writes poems that shimmer with humanity and loss, poems that leave the attentive
reader quietly moved. That reader is unlikely to put this book down until he or she has read through to its
final poem, in which the poet sits on a stony hilltop in the middle of a bitter year watching Calypso
orchids blossom where least expected—between one darkness and another.”
—Steve Kowit

“The power and consolations of family resonate throughout all of the poems in Jacqueline Kudler's
moving and deeply reflective new collection, Easing into Dark. Joy is generational and renewable,
making the slowly encroaching 'dark’ more tolerable and even, at times, something to honor.
Mature and wise, replete with the pleasures of the natural world, Easing into Dark
is a volume to savor again and again.”
—David St. John

JUDY HALEBSKY’S book Sky = Empty, won the New Issues Poetry Prize and was a finalist for the
California Book Award. The MacDowell Colony, the Millay Colony, and the Canada Council for the Arts
have supported her work. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, she studied art and literature in Japan for five years on fellowships from the Japanese Ministry of Culture. With a collective of Tokyo poets, she edits and translates the bilingual poetry journal Eki Mae. She lives in San Francisco and teaches at Dominican University of California.

JACQUELINE KUDLER is a teacher of memoir writing and literature at the College of Marin in Kentfield,
California. Her poems have appeared in numerous literary reviews, magazines, and anthologies, and the
first full-length collection of her poetry, Sacred Precinct, was published by Sixteen Rivers Press in 2003.
Kudler was awarded the Marin Arts Council Board Award in 2005, and the Marin Poetry Center Lifetime
Achievement Award in 2010. She lives in Sausalito, California.

Sixteen Rivers is a poetry collective dedicated to providing an alternative publishing avenue for Bay Area poets. The press is named for the sixteen rivers that flow into San Francisco Bay.

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