Front Lines
Front Lines
Pocket Poets Number 55

Word! Poets and Songwriters Movie Program
Nov 9, 2009

"f you're in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Check Out: Word! Poets and Songwriters Movie Program
Monday Nov 9 through Wednesday Nov 11

Fresh, new films about poets and songwriters including Kerouac, Ferlinghetti, Olson, Sandburg, Creeley, Waldman, and Sanders, plus some of New Mexico's best poets get screen time in this first annual series dedicated to the spoken & written word. Feature length films include 'Red Poet: Jack Hirschman' directed by Matt Furey."

- Guild Cinema

"Hirschman is tender but tough, with a steel fist in his velvet glove." - San Francisco Chronicle

"What this poet brings to us, beyond ideology, is the simple truth that we already know and so immediately recognize: we have to stop hating each other, killing each other, raping each other, and start loving each other." - Poet News