Haiti Glass

Haiti Glass

Press Reviews


"Hard to believe then that this is [Moïse's] first book, which captures her passionate live performance in a way one can linger a little longer and study a little more closely her precisely chosen words. Moïse's poems range from memories of childhood growing up in Haiti and American, to stories from her homeland marked by the atrocities of abject poverty and environmental disaster. Moïse's work is always self-reflective, political and personal navigating the hurdles faced by black and brown immigrants in a promised land full of gated privilege. Her verse investigates the underbelly of family and society looking starkly at sexuality, violence and hope as it confronts despair."––Grace Moon, Velvetpark

Lambda Literary Review

"The year 2014 will be hard pressed to give us a more powerful debut poetry collection than Lenelle Moïse's Haiti Glass . . . This is the rare book of poetry that makes one pause while reading, look up from the page, whistle low."--Courtney Gillette, Lambda Literary Review