Race Man

Race Man
Selected Works, 1960-2015
Foreword by Pamela Horowitz, Jeanne Theoharis
Edited by Michael G. Long
Afterword by Douglas Brinkley

Pamela Horowitz

A native of Minnesota, Pamela Horowitz graduated from Macalester College with a degree in Economics. She then earned a J.D. from Boston University. As a newly minted lawyer, she was one of the first staff lawyers hired by the Southern Poverty Law Center, joining the Montgomery, Alabama based organization in 1974. During her time at the Center, she successfully argued a landmark gender discrimination case before the United States Supreme Court and won many other cases in lower federal courts.She moved to Washington, DC, in 1977 to become a legislative counsel with the National ACLU and then entered private practice, where she remained for the next 25 years. She also worked in partnership with her late husband, Julian Bond, on multiple public, private, and academic projects, including an annual civil rights tour of the South and projects involving the NAACP and the SPLC. Pamela currently serves on the boards of the NAACP Voter Fund and the SPLC.