Mexican Memoirs
Bonnie Bremser

Recommended by Layla, City Lights Books

For those who are interested in the Beats and want to dig a bit deeper beyond the usual suspects, this long-neglected memoir of hard life in Mexico is raw, naked, honest, full of feeling, and sometimes barely in control. While avoiding statements about the role of women in literature, Bonnie Bremser powerfully illuminates the shadowside of the freewheeling male lives our culture has grown to idolize. —Recommended by Matt, City Lights Books

In this newly rediscovered memoir, Bonnie Bremser, ex-wife of Beat poet Ray Bremser, chronicles her life on the run from the law in the early Sixties. When Ray fled to Mexico in 1961 to avoid imprisonment for armed robbery, a crime he claimed he did not commit, Bonnie followed with their baby daughter, Rachel. In a foreign country with no money and little knowledge of the language, Bonnie was forced into a life of prostitution to support her family and their drug habit. Just twenty-three years old, Bonnie was young and inexperienced, but very much in love with her husband; indeed, she was ready to go to any lengths in an attempt to keep their small family alive and together, even if it meant becoming une troia.

Title Troia
Subtitle Mexican Memoirs
Author Bonnie Bremser
Publisher Dalkey Archive Press
Title First Published 01 November 2007
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 211 p.
ISBN-10 1564784800
ISBN-13 9781564784803
Publication Date 01 November 2007
Main content page count 211
Weight 16 oz.

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