The Woman in the Dunes
The Woman in the Dunes
A Novel
Kobo Abe

Translated by E. Dale Saunders

If you've seen the 1964 Teshigahara film you've already experienced Abe's brilliance (he wrote the screenplay as well). If you haven't, read this first. The haunting story of a vacationing entomologist trapped in a sand-pit with an enigmatic woman, while the villagers mock his predicament, stands on its own; but in the pantheon of existential narratives it towers above the earlier, cruder attempts by Camus and Sartre. —Recommended by Jeff, City Lights Books

One of the premier Japanese novels of the twentieth century, The Woman in the Dunes combines the essence of myth, suspense, and the existential novel. In a remote seaside village, Niki Jumpei, a teacher and amateur entomologist, is held captive with a young woman at the bottom of a vast sand pit where, Sisyphus-like, they are pressed into shoveling off the ever-advancing sand dunes that threaten the village.

Title The Woman in the Dunes
Subtitle A Novel
Author Kobo Abe
Translated by E. Dale Saunders
Publisher Vintage
Title First Published 16 April 1991
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 256 p.
ISBN-10 0679733787
ISBN-13 9780679733782
Publication Date 16 April 1991
Main content page count 256
Weight 16 oz.

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