If I were writing this
If I were writing this

"Robert Creeley has created a noble life body of poetry that extends the work of predecessors Pound, Williams, Zukofsky, and Olson and that provides like them a method for his successors in exploring our new American poetic consciousness."—Allen Ginsberg

If I were writing this was the last book of poems completed by Robert Creeley and published during his lifetime (New Directions, 2003). The words that he wrote to describe this book are oddly prophetic: "Age brings experience, not wisdom; age makes time actual—each day another—until there is no more. These poems have been my company, my solace, my feelings, my heart. When they cannot speak it will all be silence." Though Creeley died in 2005, his poems are not silent—they vibrantly continue to embrace life while acknowledging, with no self-pity, the inevitability of death. The message (as he always ended his letters) is "Onward!"

Title If I were writing this
Author Robert Creeley
Publisher New Directions
Title First Published 28 August 2008
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 112 p.
ISBN-10 0811217566
ISBN-13 9780811217569
Publication Date 28 August 2008
Main content page count 112
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $14.95

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