Selected Poems
Clark Coolidge

Reading Clark Coolidge's poetry is an endlessly thrilling journey through your own mind, partly because he never does the same thing twice. His innovative early work has been extremely hard to find, until now! —Recommended by Chris

Clark Coolidge is a revered figure in the world of American and world experimental poetry. This Selected Poems will be how Coolidge's revolutionary early works will be read for generations to come. The volume includes an Introduction by Bill Berkson, who writes: "From the heights each poem appears to take its own peculiar plunge. The insistent musings, discriminations, glees, puzzlements, irritability, those sardonic drive-by puns, and philosophic remarks that register almost as stage whispers without claiming any prior authority, all signify a powerful affection for the world as encompassed, and ultimately, Clark's will to articulate that fabled specific infinity he has had his eye on, the 'quest to know anything, write everything,' the Chapel Perilous of these poems."

Title Selected Poems
Subtitle 1962-1985
Author Clark Coolidge
Publisher Station Hill Press
Title First Published 10 April 2017
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 492 p.
ISBN-10 1581771495
ISBN-13 9781581771497
Publication Date 10 April 2017
Main content page count 492
Weight 16 oz.

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