A Scanner Darkly
A Scanner Darkly

Bob Arctor is a junkie and a drug-dealer, both using and selling the mind-altering Substance D. Fred is a law enforcement agent, tasked with bringing Bob down. It sounds like a standard case. The only problem is that Bob and Fred are the same person.

In this multiple-award-winning novel, friends can become enemies, good trips can turn terrifying, and cops and criminals are two sides of the same coin. In this highly autobiographical novel, Dick is at turns caustically funny and somberly contemplative, fashioning a novel that is as unnerving as it is enthralling.

Title A Scanner Darkly
Author Philip K. Dick
Publisher Mariner Books
Title First Published 18 October 2011
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 304 p.
ISBN-10 0547572174
ISBN-13 9780547572178
Publication Date 18 October 2011
Main content page count 304
Weight 16 oz.

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