Ten Years That Shook the City

Ten Years That Shook the City
San Francisco 1968-1978

Edited by Chris Carlsson

Favorite Books of 2011
Dec 15, 2011

Randy Shaw, editor of BeyondChron, lists Ten Years That Shook the City as one of his favorite books of 2011!

- Randy Shaw, BeyondChron

San Francisco Book Review

"One will get a deeper understanding of the city's struggles with this collection, which helps one scratch below the surface. The reader is likely to be inspired to work for more progressive change, as all these battles are not yet over."

10 Years that Shook San Francisco 1968-1978
Dec 7, 2011

Listen to an interview with Chris Carlsson, editor of Ten Years that Shook the City.

- KBOO Community Radio


"Editor Carlsson poignantly opens the anthology with the introduction 'Shaken, AND Stirred!,' which sets the tone for the book. Anyone with an interest in San Francisco will enjoy this book, and students of the social history of the era and region will be especially well served."


"Today, neighborhoods that once fought hard for status and rights are divided between disenfranchised, struggling groups and gentrifiers. Of course, it may be that with the Occupy movement, things will change throughout this country, once again. This book may serve as evidence that what's past is prologue. People who care to make a difference ought to seek out this collection as a guide."

Beyond Chron

"No single decade decides a city's future, but the years 1968-1978 likely changed the identity of San Francisco more than any ten year stretch in the preceding sixty years. That’s why Chris Carlsson and Lisa Ruth Elliott’s new book, Ten Years that Shook the City: San Francisco 1968-1978 is so indispensable for anyone seeking to understand San Francisco today. The book’s collection of essays covers critical developments that forged a multicultural and far more progressive city, prioritizing events and movements often underreported at the time and little remembered today... Chris Carlsson has perhaps done more than anyone to revive San Francisco’s forgotten history, and he and his co-editor Lisa Ruth Elliot have performed an enormous public service by editing this book."

Cross-Racial Third Worldism
Jun 29, 2011

Jason Ferreira, contributor to Ten Years That Shook the City, describes how groups like the Black Panthers and the San Francisco Mission-based group Los Siete rejected narrow nationalist conceptions of identity, instead creating cross-racial, Third Worldist communities of resistance in the 1960s and '70s. Editor Chris Carlsson is also interviewed about the book on this program.

- C.S. Soong, Against the Grain

Essay collection recalls 1960s, '70s in San Francisco
Jun 13, 2011

"Writer Chris Carlsson's latest work is his edited collection of historical essays called Ten Years That Shook The City: San Francisco 1968-1978. Written by notable figures including Carlsson, the essays explore the extension of the 1960s movement into the '70s."

- Joshua Sabatini, San Francisco Examiner

Shaking the city: Chris Carlsson's new book takes on the legacy of 1960s SF
May 31, 2011

"Carlsson says Ten Years that Shook the City continues his work 'to counter our amnesiac culture.' More specifically, the book takes on the argument that the 1960s were filled with experiments that didn't work out."

- Ben Terrall, San Francisco Bay Guardian