The Eye You See with
The Eye You See with
Selected Nonfiction
Edited by Madison Smartt Bell

Robert Stone was a singular American writer, a visionary whose award-winning novels--including Dog Soldiers, Outerbridge Reach, and Damascus Gate--earned him comparisons to literary lions ranging from Samuel Beckett to Ernest Hemingway to Graham Greene. Stone had an almost prophetic grasp of the spirit of his age, which he captured with crystalline clarity in each of his novels. Of course, he was also a sharp and brilliant observer of American life, and his nonfiction writing is revelatory.

The Eye You See With--the first and only collection of Robert Stone's nonfiction--was carefully selected by award-winning novelist and Stone biographer Madison Smartt Bell. Divided into three sections, the collection includes the best of Stone's war reporting, his writing on social change, and his reflections on the art of fiction. This is an extraordinary volume that offers up a clear-eyed look at the 20th century and secures Robert Stone's place as one of the most original figures in all of American letters.

One of Publishers Weekly's Top 10 "Essays & Literary Criticism" for Spring 2020

"They called [Robert Stone] a prophet in his time. A writer of ideas and character. An American cross of Greene and Conrad, with a dash of ole' dead Melville for good measure...A new book of essays collects Stone's best and most penetrating political journalism...What unites The Eye You See With is Stone's staunch, singular vision. It's ironic, sad, hopeful."--Matt Gallagher, LitHub, "Robert Stone's Journalism Set New Moral and Artistic High-Water Marks"

"Fine pieces...Nonfiction can show [Stone] at his most playful."--Joy Williams, Bookforum

"Novelist Bell presents a sterling collection of essays on literature, culture, politics, and war by the late Stone (1937-2015), best known for his National Book Award-winning novel Dog Soldiers. Spanning the 1970s to the aughts, the essays demonstrates Stone's remarkable capacity for capturing an era's ethos while making larger, and still current, points...Throughout, Bell provides useful biographical information, which in combination with the essays provides a vivid portrait of Stone's background and guiding philosophy. Fans of Stone's novels will especially appreciate the insight, but any reader of narrative nonfiction will find plenty of interest in this fine collection."--Publishers Weekly

"This first collection of Stone's nonfiction, edited by his biographer, Madison Smartt Bell [...] showcases the same dizzying welter of ideas and passions that defines Stone's landmark fiction...In [Stone's essay] 'What Fiction Is For, ' he says that 'art is the only medium we have for removing a moment from the whirl of events and placing it under scrutiny in all its dimensions.' These essays, however, argue persuasively that, for Stone, nonfiction can do the same thing."--Booklist

"Robert Stone was one of those novelists who try to wrap their arms around America itself...A look back at the writer and his work, especially his earliest novels, turns out to be well timed. In books that deserve to endure, Stone anticipates the present in surprising, unsettling ways...[He was] a novelist who transformed our aspirations and follies into literature."--Ernesto Artillo, The Atlantic

Title The Eye You See with
Subtitle Selected Nonfiction
Author Robert Stone
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Title First Published 03 March 2020
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages
ISBN-10 0618386246
ISBN-13 9780618386246
Publication Date 03 March 2020
Weight 32 oz.

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