The Great Equations
The Great Equations
Breakthroughs in Science from Pythagoras to Heisenberg
Robert P. Crease

"Any reader who aspires to be scientifically literate will find this a good starting place."—Publishers Weekly

While we may be familiar with some of science's greatest equations, we may not know that each and every equation emerged not in “Eureka!” moments but in years of cultural developments and scientific knowledge. With vignettes full of humor, drama, and eccentricity, philosopher and science historian Robert P. Crease shares the stories behind ten of history’s greatest equations, from the “first equation,” 1 + 1 = 2, which promises a rational, well-ordered world, to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, which reveals the limitations of human knowledge. For every equation, Crease provides a brief account of who discovered it, what dissatisfactions lay behind its discovery, and what the equation says about the nature of our world. 43 illustrations.

Title The Great Equations
Subtitle Breakthroughs in Science from Pythagoras to Heisenberg
Author Robert P. Crease
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company
Title First Published 18 January 2010
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 315 p.
ISBN-10 0393337936
ISBN-13 9780393337938
Publication Date 18 January 2010
Main content page count 315
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $16.95

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