The Monkey Wrench Gang
The Monkey Wrench Gang
Edward Abbey

Introduction by Douglas Brinkley

Ex-Green Beret George Hayduke has returned from war to find his beloved southwestern desert threatened by industrial development. Joining with Bronx exile and feminist saboteur Bonnie Abzug, wilderness guide and outcast Mormon Seldom Seen Smith, and libertarian billboard torcher Doc Sarvis, M.D., Hayduke is ready to fight the power—taking on the strip miners, clear-cutters, and the highway, dam, and bridge builders who are threatening the natural habitat. The Monkey Wrench Gang is on the move—and peaceful coexistence be damned!

Title The Monkey Wrench Gang
Author Edward Abbey
Introduction by Douglas Brinkley
Publisher Harper Perennial Modern Classics
Title First Published 01 December 2006
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 480 p.
ISBN-10 0061129763
ISBN-13 9780061129766
Publication Date 01 December 2006
Main content page count 480
Weight 16 oz.

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