The Other Campaign
The Other Campaign
Edited by Greg Ruggiero
Introduction by Luis Hernández Navarro

Greg Ruggiero

Since cofounding the Open Media Series in 1991,  Ruggiero has  published some of the most outspoken scholars, social justice advocates, and dissidents of our time, including  Noam Chomsky, Angela Y. Davis, Howard Zinn, Alice Walker, Allen Ginsberg, Arundhati Roy,  Ralph Nader, Barbara Olshansky, The Dalai Lama, Vladimir Chernousenko, Cindy Sheehan, Manning Marable, and Subcomandante Marcos.

Ruggiero published the Open Media series independently for several years from Westfield, New Jersey with his friend Stuart Sahulka before bringing the imprint to Seven Stories Press in 1997. Ruggiero worked as senior editor with  Seven Stories Press from 1997 to 2005 during which time he published such critically acclaimed and bestselling titles as 9-11 by Noam Chomsky, Silencing Political Dissent by Nancy Chang, Israel/ Palestine by Tanya Reinhart, and Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Y. Davis.

In 1996, Ruggiero began working with "Steal This Radio, 88.7FM," an unlicensed FM radio station on New York City's Lower East Side where for two years he hosted a weekly show using the on-air name of "DJ Thomas Paine." Under a MacArthur grant received by the National Lawyers Guild in 1999, he took a three-month sabbatical from publishing to work as a national organizer for The Micropower Radio Coalition, an organization founded to end the government ban on low-power community radio. That organization's mission and purpose continues to this day through the brilliant efforts of the Prometheus Radio Project.

Ruggiero travels often to Chiapas, Mexico. In 1999 he began working with Juana Ponce de Leon to research and edit the book, Our Word is Our Weapon. The New York Times reported that during a trip to Chiapas in January 2000, Ruggiero was forced by the Mexican government to leave Mexico due to alleged affiliation with the Zapatista communities.

In November 1999, Ruggiero traveled to Seattle for the historic anti-WTO protests, and while there worked with friends on the first of what has since become a global network of Independent Media Centers.

Represented by the Center for Constitutional Rights, in February 2002 Greg won a First Amendment victory in Federal District Court . The case, Ruggiero vs the FCC proved that the U.S. government's lifetime prohibition against individuals who had engaged in civil disobedience from applying for a low-power FM license was unconstitutional. The victory was later overturned by an en banc decision, and the U.S. Supreme Court has rejected to hear the case.

Ruggiero authored Microradio and Democracy, Low Power to The People and has co-edited several books, including The Speed of Dreams, Selected Writings of Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos (with Canek Peña-Vargas, City Lights Books, 2007)  Critical Mass, Voices for a Nuclear Free Future (with Start Sahulka, Open Media,1996), The New American Crisis: Radical Analysis of the Problems Facing America Today (with Start Sahulka, New Press 1995),  Open Fire (with Stuart Sahulka, New Press 1993).

Ruggiero graduated from Rutgers College in 1988, and spent several years hitchhiking around the US and abroad before settling into publishing. He currently lives and works from "nowhere Zen New Jersey."

Introduction by Greg Ruggiero

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Noam Chomsky
"From 9-11 to the Iraq War, from the 'non-crisis' of social security to the leveling of Lebanon, Chomsky provides informed opinion and critical analysis" – Mumia Abu-Jamal

With Greg Ruggiero

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The Speed of Dreams
Selected Writings 2001-2007
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
The literary and poetic genius of Latin America’s greatest living writer/rebel.