The Art of Recklessness
The Art of Recklessness
Poetry as Assertive Force and Contradiction
Dean Young

In Dean Young's sprawling and subversive first book of prose on poetry, imagination swerves into primitivism and surrealism and finally toward empathy. How can recklessness guide the poet, the artist, and the reader into art, and how can it excite in us a sort of wild receptivity, beyond craft? "Poetry is not a discipline," Young writes. "It is a hunger, a revolt, a drive, a mash note, a fright, a tantrum, a grief, a hoax, a debacle, an application, an affect . . .”

Title The Art of Recklessness
Subtitle Poetry as Assertive Force and Contradiction
Author Dean Young
Publisher Graywolf Press
Dewey Classification 809
Title First Published 20 July 2010
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 144 p.
ISBN-10 1555975623
ISBN-13 9781555975623
Publication Date 20 July 2010
Main content page count 144
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $12.00

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