Never Goodnight
Never Goodnight
Coco Moodysson

Illustrated by Coco Moodysson

Recommended by Don, City Lights Books

The cult Swedish graphic novel that inspired the critically acclaimed Lukas Moodysson film 'We Are the Best!'

Coco, Klara and Mathilda have known each other since primary school, where they met in folk dancing class. Now they're almost teenagers, and their anarchist ideals and dreams of forming a world-beating punk band set them apart from the other girls at school. They can't play any instruments, practice with pillows and pans, and keep getting told that punk is dead. But they’re not going to let any of those things get in their way…

Published in English for the first time, Never Goodnight is a hilarious and life-affirming memoir which will remind you that all you need in life is your best friends, a can of hairspray and three guitar chords.

Title Never Goodnight
Author Coco Moodysson
Illustrated by Coco Moodysson
Publisher Friday Project, The
Title First Published 19 September 2015
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 252 p.
ISBN-10 0008120900
ISBN-13 9780008120900
Publication Date 19 September 2015
Main content page count 252
Weight 16 oz.

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