Mox Nox
Mox Nox
Joan Cornellà

Illustrated by Joan Cornellà

To mox, or nox to mox—that is the question .. Mox Nox for the people! The people for Mox Nox! Mox Nox is the most seminal work of all humanity! Kick off yo' sox and step into Mox Nox's toxic box! —Recommended by Jared, City Lights Books. Also recommended by Don, City Lights Books

Title Mox Nox
Author Joan Cornellà
Illustrated by Joan Cornellà
Publisher Fantagraphics Books
Title First Published 19 August 2015
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages 56 p.
ISBN-10 1606998420
ISBN-13 9781606998427
Publication Date 19 August 2015
Main content page count 56
Weight 32 oz.

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