You Can't Win
You Can't Win
Jack Black

Introduction by William S. Burroughs

Recommended by Andy, City Lights Books

An amazing journey into the hobo underworld circa 1920. Jack Black takes his readers frieght-hopping around the still wide open West, becomes a member of the "yegg" (criminal) brotherhood and a highwayman, learns the outlaw philosophy from Foot-and-a-half George and the Sactimonious Kid, gets hooked on opium, passes through hobo jungles, hop joints and penitentiaries, ending up in San Francisco in time to write this book.

The favorite book of William Burroughs.

Title You Can't Win
Author Jack Black
Introduction by William S. Burroughs
Publisher Nabat Books
Title First Published 01 August 1999
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 279 p.
ISBN-10 1902593022
ISBN-13 9781902593029
Publication Date 01 August 1999
Main content page count 279
Weight 16 oz.

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