Everything Is Its Own Reward
An All Over Coffee Collection

Paul Madonna

Paul Madonna produces two weekly strips, "All Over Coffee" in the San Francisco Chronicle and on SFGate.com, and "Small Potatoes" on TheRumpus.net, where he is also Comics Editor. Paul regularly travels internationally to draw and his work is shown in museums, galleries, restaurants and cafes.  His drawings are published in various book collections and publications, including his international newspaper coverage of the U.S. 2009 Presidential Inauguration, as well as in The Believer Magazine. In 2007 the first collection of All Over Coffee was published by City Lights Books to great acclaim. In 1994 Paul received a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, and that same year he was the first (ever!) Art Intern at MAD Magazine, for which he proudly received no money. Paul currently lives with his wife in San Francisco.

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All Over Coffee
Paul Madonna
"A comic strip with no characters, plot or comedy – just exquisitely observed, fine-lined drawings of sunlit San Francicso, captioned with bittersweet fragments of dialogue. For fans of . . . Pekar's slice-of-life miniatures . . ." – Entertainment Weekly