Advice for Lovers
Advice for Lovers
City Lights Spotlight Series No. 7


"Advice for Lovers effectively and provocatively broadens love poetry's lineage. Here is T.S. Eliot’s call for invention through and not against literary history. However, Advice for Lovers offers something other than Eliot’s mere filing system formulation of history that, while always complete, is also altered when the new settles beside the old. Instead, Brolaski’s book is a festive mixer and everyone who is a lover is invited to the party. . . . Advice for Lovers is a celebration of form—the poem’s, the lover’s and beloved’s body, the pronoun—as transformative pleasure and literary invention."

The Rumpus

"Advice for Lovers is the type of book that makes you see language with fresh eyes, challenging you toward something fiercer and more honest yet. It leaves you bruised and aching to be bruised again, and isn't that what you were asking for after all?"

—T Fleischmann

The Poetry Foundation

"The Advice for Lovers poems are less to do with word-creation and more to do with wordplay. They are obedient to the conceit which is their title / which is to say that they are a manual for use by lovers / before during and after the event(s) of love. . . . His sense of love is playful and lustful and full." —Alan Davis

Bay Area Reporter

"[A] book with power, scope, and dedication to sexuality and 'Love, that god among goddesses'... There's much to gush over, and a few audacious poems that may threaten a swarthy sexpot with red-faced embarrassment."

—Jim Piechota

The Volta: Friday Feature

"Truly, these poems—all those in the book—are great, the naughtiest ones just happen to also rank among the most superbly supple display of an embrace of lyric language to be found in the work of any contemporary younger poet. Brolaski's gifted play of alliteration and syllabic deft shines with this collection. The power is immediate and raw."

—Patrick James Dunagan

Big Other

"Sensuous in dawn, daylight, dusk and night, Julian's new book Advice for Lovers is a primrose-rich , self-indicating rite of passage that in order to progress, must pass well through itself."

—J/J Hastain

"Things to Read + Listen To!"
Jul 19, 2012

Michelle Tea loves the high style of Julian Bbrolaski's poetry.

- Michelle Tea, RADAR Productions