Ari Banias

In Anybody, Ari Banias takes up questions of recognition and belonging: how boundaries are drawn and managed, the ways he and she, us and them, here andelsewhere are kept separate, and at what cost identities and selves are forged. Moving through iconic and imagined landscapes, Anybody confronts the strangeness of being alive and of being a restlessly gendered, queer, emotive body. Wherever the poet turns—the cruising spaces of Fire Island, a city lake, a Greek island, a bodega-turned-coffee-shop—he finds the charge of boundedness and signification, the implications of what it means to be a this instead of athat. Witty, tender, and original, these poems pierce the constructs that define our lives.

Title Anybody
Subtitle Poems
Author Ari Banias
Publisher W. W. Norton
Title First Published 01 September 2016
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages 112 p.
ISBN-10 0393247791
ISBN-13 9780393247794
Publication Date 01 September 2016
Main content page count 112
Weight 32 oz.

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