The Terrorism Trap
The Terrorism Trap
September 11 and Beyond

Table of Contents

  • Terrorism Meets Reactionism
    More for War
    Wag the Dog
    Reactionism on the Home Front
    Looting the Surplus
  • The September 11 Imperative
    Ignoring US Global Militarism
    Filling the National Void
    A World Changed Forever?
    "Free Trade" Against Terrorism?
  • Why Did It Happen?
    Killing for God and Country
    Conditional Causes
    Why Do They Hate Us?
    "Blaming America"
  • Afghanistan, the Neglected Story
    Some Real History
    Jihad and Taliban, CIA Style
    The Holy Crusade for Oil and Gas
    Did They Know Ahead of Time?
  • Why US Leaders Intervene Everywhere
    Supporting the Right
    Attacking the Left
    After the Counterrevolution
    When Words Speak Louder than Actions
    "Conspiracy," "Incompetence," and "Inertia"
    The Other Variables Argument
  • Epilogue: What Is To Be Undone