50 American Plays
50 American Plays
Michael Dickman, Matthew Dickman

Introduction by John Guare

Identical twins Michael and Matthew Dickman once invented their own language. Now they have invented an exhilarating book of poem-plays about the fifty states. Pointed, comic, and surreal, these one-page vignettes feature unusual staging and an eclectic cast of characters—landforms, lobsters, and historical figures including Duke Ellington, Sacajawea, Judy Garland, and Kenneth Koch, the avant-garde spirit informing this book introduced by playwright John Guare.

"Lucky in Kansas"

Judy Garland: This is always the worst part
Tin Man: The coming back
Judy Garland: Yes, it fucking sucks, it's depressing as shit
The Lion: Well, we're lucky to still be employed at this farm
Straw Man: I wouldn't call it lucky
The Lion: We were lucky to get back
Straw Man: That's not really lucky either I don't think you know what lucky means
Judy Garland: It's funny what you miss
Tin Man: The running
Judy Garland: The flying
Tin Man: The flying monkeys
Judy Garland: The beautiful flying monkeys above the endless emeralds the unbelievably green world

Title 50 American Plays
Subtitle Poems
Authors Michael Dickman, Matthew Dickman
Introduction by John Guare
Publisher Copper Canyon Press
Title First Published 18 May 2012
Format Paperback
Nb of pages
ISBN-10 1556593937
ISBN-13 9781556593932
Publication Date 18 May 2012
Weight 16 oz.

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