Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebook

Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebook
Uncollected Stories and Essays, 1944-1990
Edited by David Stephen Calonne

Reader comment | Jun 22, 2018, Nathan K.
Portions of a Wine Stained Notebook stands out among Buk's great works. He approaches his essays with a forward style and grace—artfully written the way a tightrope walker eases his way from one end to the other. In one essay where he describes a poem written with symbols, he expresses how artistic writing does not always have to SAY something, rather it may speak with any form. In this volume, Buk shows his intellect. He writes from the heart—while never allowing the reader to know it.
Reader comment | Jul 10, 2008, marla
awesome. i get a new bukowski book every october for my birthday
Reader comment | May 17, 2008, David Delamancha
Chinaski is freedom. His books are a constant inspiration. To do great art you must be completely uninhibited
Reader comment | Mar 24, 2008, Father Luke
Will we see a hardback edition? Thanks. - - Okay, Father Luke
Reader comment | Mar 22, 2008, Eric
I would LOVE to see a hardback version..You guys are a great publishing house and I have many of your titles I love my Buk books in soft and Hard back versions. As he becomes more and more popular, I think you will eventually regret not making a hard copy version now. Thanks, and keep at it guys!, you're great. Eric
Reader comment | Mar 22, 2008, John J. Martin
Great news! The Buk community is awaiting this with much anticipation. Our only regret is that there does not appear to be a hardcover version of this. We sorely miss those beautiful Black Sparrow editions, and this would have assuaged us greatly. Best, John