Winged Shoes and a Shield

Winged Shoes and a Shield
Collected Stories

Press Reviews


"[Winged Shoes and a Shield] by Don Bajema is one of those books that I'm excited about reading every day and already sad about finishing. I know that once I've finished the last chapter, I'll be jonesing for more so I've found that I've been dragging out those last few pages. This is an example of what I think great writing is all about. There's sure to be at least one, if not many, of the stories in this book that will stay with you for a while after reading. I would list this as my most exciting read of the year."


Publishers Weekly

"Bajema's prose combines the precision of pop-song lyrics with the surreal haziness of a fever-dream. . . . these lyrical stories treat a range of topics, from schoolboy football stardom and infatuation with a local beauty to Eddie’s encounters with his emotionally battered father, described as a 'dog of war' with a 'soul in pieces.' A raw and direct pathway into the mind of an independent youth 'trapped in the culture of Southern California.'"