Introduction by Greg Ruggiero

Press Reviews

Socialist Worker
"From Bush's hostile footing toward Iran to the background of America's divide-and-conquer strategy in Iraq to America's reliance on repressive proxies around the world, Chomsky's interventions are necessary to understanding the empire we are setting out to dismantle."
—Chris Dols

"Interventions portrays a fair and wide perspective of Noam Chomsky's values . . . Chomsky elucidates the illogical rationale that holds up an imperial war against the Iraqi nation . . . Most essays are quirky think pieces, but plenty more are fully researched and documented . . . [T]he book is a series of interesting political reflections that anyone with a curiosity for politics can enjoy."
—Peter Gruskin

Chicago Sun-Times
"Interventions covers the Iraq invasion and occupation, the Bush presidency, Israel and Palestine, national security and more."

Newark Star-Ledger
"These columns are littered with unpopular but accurate caveats to the Bush administration's dream of unchallenged global dominance."
—John Freeman

Boston Phoenix
"Noam Chomsky sounds off on US military interventions since 9/11."
—John Freeman

Book News Inc.
" . . . bulk of the essays deal with the US invasion of Iraq, but other issues are covered as well, including Hurricane Katrina, threats against Iran, the recent Israeli attack on Lebanon . . ."

The Morning
"It continues to amaze me that, for all the demonizing of Chomsky by certain regressive elements, his analyses are sensible and fact-based. If you are unfamiliar with his work, this would be a good introduction."
"For more than 50 years now, MIT linguist Noam Chomsky has been a skeptic of states—in particular, the United States—and how they use power. . . Say what one will about his ideas, Chomsky has taken this mandate seriously, even as his criticisms of U.S. foreign policy have marginalized him. Indeed, the 44 opinion pieces that comprise his latest collection, Interventions, were commissioned by the New York Times syndicate, but never ran there. . . Chomsky has been warning (some might say hectoring) America about the dangers of its military ambitions for decades. But he doesn’t end without hope. . . he wants readers to take the banner that appears on the back of this book— Arm Yourself with Information —as seriously as they take their Second Amendment."
—John Freeman

Jun 5, 2007
For those of us who know the name Noam Chomsky, our familiarity flows from having read (or read about) his many books on political or foreign affairs. Perhaps his best-known are 9-11, Manufacturing Consent (written with Ed Herman), and thanks to the promotion at the United Nations by Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez recently, Hegemony or Survival. That said, when (or if) we think of Chomsky, it’s in the context of a critic, an author, or a scholar.

Who knew that he is a gifted, concise columnist?

- Mumia Abu- Jamal

Vanity Fair
Jun 1, 2007
"Unwavering political contrarian Noam Chomsky smart-bombs the U.S. military's global Interventions (City Lights).  Shock and awe!" -- Vanity Fair "Hot Type"
"The introductory Editor's Note explains that post-9/11 Chomsky began writing short, roughly 1000 word, concise articles distributed by The New York Times Syndicate as op-eds.  They were widely picked up overseas but rarely in the US and only in smaller regional or local papers.  They never appeared in the New York Times that circulated them worldwide but not to its own readers.  It shows how the Times and all the corporate media suppress views contrary to dominant mainstream thinking.  They're verboten in a nation where A.J Liebling once said 'Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.' . . . "