Little Bird
Germano Zullo

Illustrated by Albertine

Beautiful. —Recommended by Tân, City Lights Books

A man drives his truck up to a cliff's edge. Unable to go any further, he opens the back door of his truck and a flock of birds flies out, but, as the man soon discovers, a small timid bird remains. Surprised and delighted, the man acts kindly towards the bird and an intimacy develops. After lunch, the man tries to show the bird that he should fly off and join his friends. The man's comic attempt at flight deepens the encounter between these two very different creatures. Soon the bird flies off and the man drives away, but in a surprise twist the bird and his friends return, and in a starkly lyrical moment we see them all experience something entirely new.

Germano Zullo is a prolific writer and poet who lives in Geneva, Switzerland. He writes for adults and children alike, and has written many popular children's comics and stories.

Albertine has illustrated loads of children's books and also illustrates for many of the daily French newspapers in Switzerland. She teaches at the School of Visual Arts in Geneva.

Title Little Bird
Author Germano Zullo
Illustrated by Albertine
Publisher Enchanted Lion Books
Title First Published 14 March 2012
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages
ISBN-10 1592701183
ISBN-13 9781592701186
Publication Date 14 March 2012
Weight 32 oz.

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